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ACT Broadband


Gone are the days when you spent hours downloading a movie, waited endlessly while your video was buffering, stared patiently at the blurred image of your loved ones during a video chat and waited for eternity to upload photographs.

Now, With 25 Mbps Speed 0f ACT Broadband Fiber-To-The-Home Connection:

  • Download a movie in 8 minutes
  • Upload 50 photographs in just 1 minute
  • Download 25 songs in 1 minute
  • Stream HD Videos without buffering

The ACT Advantage:

  • Fastest Speed (25 Mbps), Highest FUP (200 GB) and Highest Post FUP Speed (2 Mbps) as compared to any other service provider
  • First internet service provider to offer broadband through Fiber-to-the-home technology with the capacity to provide speed up to 1 Gig
  • Lowest monthly rentals starting from just Rs. 649 per month
  • Free unlimited high-speed uploads which are not counted in FUP
  • A plug & play connection that doesn’t require any modem or telephone
  • Up to 4 hours battery-back-up for seamless connectivity even during power cuts
  • A professional and robust team, offering solutions for any network related problem in 4 hours
  • Free anti-virus with every connection


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You've chosen the best broadband that will change the way you experience the online world.

What you've opted for is not just a broadband connection; it’s a technology that makes you experience the thrill of high speed & seamless connectivity, always.

Welcome to the unlimited possibilities of fiber!

Just drop-in your details to hear from us soon:


1) What is the advantage of broadband through fiber technology v/s copper technology?

2) After applying for ACT Broadband, within how many days my connection would be installed?

3) How do I register a complaint if my connection is not working? Within how much time would the problems be rectified?

4) Why is my connection having an FUP limit?

5) What would happen if I cross the FUP limit?

6) How I do apply for ACT Broadband?

7) Is the Wi-Fi router mandatory for ACT Broadband?

8) Do I have to install modem and a land-line phone to use ACT Broadband?

Speed Test

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